ESGlocate - the First Analysis and Allocation Tool for Sustainable Bonds

Allocate Your ESG Bonds Efficiently and Transparently

New issues of “Green” or “Social” Bonds are often heavily oversubscribed. DZ BANK's digital tool, ESGLocate, helps issuers to analyse their order-book and identify sustainable investors. The underlying data is based on investors’ answers to a questionnaire about their investment behaviour and the ESG strategies they use.

Progress through Digital Processes

ESGlocate offers issuers a tool which is...

Tailor-Made ESG Allocation For You

Each time they use ESGlocate, issuers can give greater weight to the indicators that are important to them, and receive a proposal as to what volume should be allocated to individual investors in the order book of their bond. Thus, issuers can identify suitable investors more precisely by using their pre-defined sustainability criteria, and create transparency and traceability by using ESGlocate.

Allocate Your ESG Bond Using Four Broad Criteria:


- Set-up / organisational

- Strategy

- Regulation

- Sustainable Governance

Transparent and Efficient Analysis and Allocation of Your ESG Bond Order-book ...


... by assigning an ESG Score (based on your ESG criteria weightings)